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  1. Do not hack, phish or breach users accounts. Users who get hacked will be forced to use 2FA in future.

  2. Do not baselessly accuse people of serious allegations such as being a pedo, if you have proof a user is a pedo then send it to staff and law enforcement.

  3. Fresh Hotel is a big supporter of free speech, if someone is saying something offensive to you then just leave the room or kick them if its your own room. We will not take action unless they are bypassing room kicks/bans you have placed on them which falls under bug abuse, rule 4.

  4. Do not abuse bugs, this includes bypassing kick wired or room kicks by creating alt accounts. Bugs that effect the economy will result in serious action taken against you unless proven accidental.
  5. Do not scam other players. Action will only be taken if video evidence is provided.