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What's new?

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an amazing week. Lately, our staff have been working on Fresh. We have a few changes and updates to announce to you in this article so strap in and let's go!

Below is a list that should cover almost everything we've done lately.


- Added :CataFix Staff Command

- Added Events Countdown

- Added :Calc Command (Calculator)

- Added :Pyramind Command (Toggle all pyramids from invisible to visible, vice versa)

- Added Autofill Command

- Added :KickUser Command

- Added :StaffWhisper [Message] Command

- Added :Stats Command

- Added :Room [Feature] Enable/Disable Command

- Added :Undo Command (Undo the last furniture actions)

- Added :NoItemFloor Command (Remove any tiles from floor editor even if there are items)

- Added @Mods Tag Alert

- Added Command System

- Added On/Off Toggle to Hide Typing Bubbles

- Added :ForceName Staff Command

- Added :TakeRoom Staff Command

- Added :BubbleAll Staff Command 

- Added :CloseRoom & :OpenRoom Command

- Added Popup Rewards

- Added Level System

- Added CopyStack V2

- Added New Custom Clothing

- Added :NewEmpty Command (empties out inventory except LTD)

- Added :OpenGifts Command

- Added :PickWired Command

- Added Maroon Rares to Diamond Store

- Added New Catalogue Icons

- Added Diamond Skills (Tools)

- Added :Hug, :Slime Command

- Added Animated Badge Support

- Added Login Points

- Added New Primary Color

- Added :Buy Command for Bulk Buying

- Added New Tools (Skills)

- Added :BlockFollow, :BlockFriendRequests, :BlockTrade Command

- Added :Shoot Command [VIP]

- Added :Nuke Command [VIP]

- Added :Buyroom & :SellRoom Command [VIP]

- Added VIP Catalogue 

- Added Login Streak Level

- Added Store Voucher

- Added :AutoFloor & :MaxFloor Command

- Added :Shoot Command

- Added :NewPush Command (Push users onto chairs as well)

- Added UnlimitedHC

- Added :ItemCount Command 

- Added :Help <message> Command

- Added :Sex & :Kiss Command

- Added :SetRoomBadge 

- Added DiscordUserTrack, DiscordReport & SuperWiredDiscordLog

- Added UpdateAll

- Added mention plug in

- Added :seticolor Command

- Added :setmodifier Command

- Added :seticon Command

- Added :trade Command

- Added the latest clothing lines

- Added Badge Display

- Added GOTW point system

- Added Slot Machines

- Added Fishing Feature

- Added Woodcutting Feature

- Added Mining Feature

- Added Looting Feature

- Added Copystack Command

- Added Furnifix Command

- Added New Furni Vaporwave


- Updated Rare Values

- Changes to CMS theme

- Added all currencies to homepage

- Added more Store Packs 

- Brand New Store Roles and Rank 

- Moved old furnitures from New Furni to Furni By Theme

- Re-organized CMS

- Added missing Staff Wired

- Fixed Richest to include VIP users

- VIP Cata now have Thrones, Dinos, Typos, DJs and 40+ more

- Normal Currency Rewards 100 coins 100 duckets 10 diamonds per 10 minutes

- VIP Currency Rewards 250 coins 250 duckets 20 diamonds per 10 minutes

- Updated Discord Icon & Banner

- Updated Welcome Message

- Adjusted Currency Intervals

- Diamond Mass Enabled

- Lockpick pricing reduced to 1000 diamonds

- New UI

- Fixed missing text

- Fixed Wardrobe

- Fixed Hotel View

- Fixed all redeemable clothing

- Added all latest badges

- Updated Radio

That's all for now! We're currently having discussions for a lot more that will be coming to Fresh over the next few months! 

If you have any question, concerns or general feedback/suggestions for the site, feel free to chat with any member of staff on the client or in our Fresh Discord Server! We're always keen to hear user's suggestions for improving Fresh. 

Keep your eyes peeled for new things all the time. New furnitures, quests, events, features, clothing and more! Thanks for reading!