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Welcome to Snapshot of the Week!

Welcome to Snapshot of the Week!

Snapshot of the Week or known as SOTW is a new weekly competition where you will have the opportunity to show us your best skills as a builder and photographer!

Each week we will ask you to build a small room according to the determined theme and to show us a snapshot of it from the IN-GAME CAMERA.

Let's start with theme of this week's competition

This week's theme is...


Make sure to stick to the theme and to take a snapshot using the IN-GAME CAMERA found beside inventory in the bottom left of the game client.

1. The room must have built entirely by you.

2. The room design must be related to the current theme.

3. You MUST use the in-game camera function.

4. Anyone who doesn't act in accordance with the rules will be disqualified from the competition.


Step 1: Build a small room using furniture related to the theme.

Step 2: Wear an outfit related to the theme (optional but recommended)

Step 3: Ask your friends to join the photo (optional)

Step 4: Use the IN-GAME CAMERA and take your best snapshot.

Step 5: Buy your photo as poster furni and place it in your room.

Step 6: Head to [SOTW-ENTRIES] channel which is found on Fresh Discord and submit in your entry by following the given format: 


Room Name: 


Make sure to submit it on or before the target date!

That is all there is to entering this weeks competition. Now let's get onto the prizes:

 1st Place - 15 Random New Custom Rares, 15M Credits, 15M Duckets and 15K Diamonds!

2nd Place - 10 Random New Custom Rares, 10M Credits, 10M Duckets and 10K Diamonds!

3rd Place - 5 Random New Custom Rares, 5M Credits 5M Duckets and 5K Diamonds!

All entries must be submitted by August 26th, 2022 10:00 PM GMT+8. Results will be released shortly after the submission are closed or as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Assholic on the hotel or through discord! (Assholic#8284)