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New Furni and Custom Wired!
What's new?

Hey there,

We've added the latest furniture lines and more customs including custom wireds to the Fresh Catalogue! Instead of taking up a lot of your time, we'll just quickly breakdown what's new.


  • Halloween 2022
  • School 2022


  • Casino
  • Custom Add-Ons
  • Custom Windows
  • Cutiezor 
  • Japandi
  • Scandi
  • Lost Monkey
  • Vintage


  • WIRED Trigger: Unidles
  • WIRED Trigger: Idles
  • WIRED Trigger: PLUS Walks on Furni
  • WIRED Effect: Freeze
  • WIRED Effect: Unfreeze
  • WIRED Effect: Raise Furni
  • WIRED Effect: Lower Furni
  • WIRED Effect: Send Bubble
  • WIRED Effect: Toggle Moodlight
  • WIRED Effect: Roller Speed
  • WIRED Effect: PLUS Match Furni State
  • WIRED Condition: Motto Contains
  • WIRED Condition: User is Dancing
  • WIRED Condition: User is Not Dancing

Alongside that, there is now Suggestion and Bugs Report section which is found on Fresh Discord. This section is intended for users to be able to post bugs, suggestions/ideas and also requests to the hotel. This also gives us the ability to update you about upcoming changes and user-requested features. 

That's all from me. Have a great week, and I'll see you around the hotel!