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OG Casino (07/08 vibes)


Welcome to Casino of the Week!

Casino of the week, commonly known as COTW, is a weekly article contest where you get to create a casino based on what the theme of the week is. It's an exciting way to show off your talented casino building skills as well as win a variety of prizes!



This week's theme is...


OG Casino


Just imagine we are back in 2008.. theres no floor plan editor, no customs. When Wobble Squabble and Lido diving board still exsisted.. the simpler times.

So give me your take on OG Casino, looking forward to the throwback of gambling away the credits I'd begged my mum to let me buy. Have fun and good luck! 


Just to remind everyone, rares are not required in COTW , I judge based on creativity and effort. Also a reminder No customs or floor plan editor to keep within the theme! So let your creative juices flow and put your imagination on display!



1st Place – 5m Credits, OG Dragon Set, and COTW Gold Badge



1. Your casino must be relevant to the theme and there should be a minimum of 2 booths.

2. Each player can only have ONE entry per week.

3. You may borrow ideas from the internet, but you must NOT copy them completely.

4. Staff are not allowed to participate.

5. Anyone who doesn't act in accordance with the rules will be disqualified from the competition.





Please submit your COTW entries in Fresh Discord Server. To do so, you must head to [COTW-ENTRIES] channel and submit in your entry by following the given format:

Username: _________

Room Name: COTW #25 - OG Casino

Make sure to submit it on or before the target date!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on the hotel (Cunty) or through discord! (Elly#6666)



All entries must be submitted by March 28th 1am (GMT). Results will be released shortly after the submission are closed or as soon as possible.

Good luck, have fun stacking and see you next week!