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Congratulations to the winners of this week's GOTW!

Gamer of the Week is back!

Thank you to everyone who played this week - lots of great games and creative event rooms.

This week's winners...

1st Place: b1gmaccc with 19 points
2nd Place: savaggequeen with 14 points 
3rd Place: Stiiizy with 14 points

Next week's amazing GOTW prizes...

FIRST PLACE: 20 Game Points, 50m credits, duckets and diamonds and a special badge 
SECOND PLACE: 15 Game Points, 25m credits, duckets and diamonds and a special badge
THIRD PLACE: 10 Game Points, 10m credits, duckets and diamonds and a special badge

A reminder on the Fresh Event rules:

Gamer of the Week is determined by how many Game Points you accumulate by playing in official staff events, the player with the most points gained from Monday — Sunday wins!

No sharing answers in events. 
No teaming up to eliminate other users. 
No push/pull, moonwalk/fastwalk, teleport, summon, pets, commands or enables are to be used while events are being hosted (this includes users and staff). 
Any rules broken above by any user (including staff) may result in an exemption from winning and/or participating in events for GOTW.

GOTW points will now be counted for next week's prize from Monday 15th May - Sunday 21st May
Good luck everyone!

— fawn