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Snapshot of the Week is back!
Win credits, a special badge and more in our weekly competition!

There are now more ways than ever before to win GOTW points and prizes at Fresh Hotel!

We're excited to give you more chances to have fun, win prizes and show off your creativity.

This contest will be hosted by fawn, with help judging from all our wonderful staff!

This week's theme is: BACK TO SCHOOL

Let your creativity run wild!

The Snapshot of the Week rules are as follows:

♡ Be as creative as possible. Create a room, use props and invite your friends to join if you want.

♡ The room and outfits used should all be completely designed by you.

♡ The room's design must be related to the theme.

♡ Your entry should be photographed using the in-game camera and published to Fresh Hotel.

♡ Do not copy or replicate others' rooms, outfits or any other part of their snapshot, originality is key.

Take your snapshot using the in-game camera and make sure you PUBLISH it to - you can check if it's worked using this link!

Head to the SOTW Discord channel in the Fresh server - find it under HOTEL EVENTS. Save your snapshot image and upload it with your Fresh name! You can also upload your screenshot to Imgur and message it directly to fawn in-hotel or on discord: mother of stars.#1892

Make sure you submit your entry by 7pm GMT on Saturday 8th April to be in the running for OOTW.

Winners will be selected each week on Saturdays.

FIRST PLACE: 10m Credits, Duckets & Diamonds, 3 GOTW points and a special badge.

SECOND PLACE: 5m Credits, Duckets & Diamonds, 2 GOTW points and a special badge.

THIRD PLACE: 2m Credits, Duckets & Diamonds, 1 GOTW point and a special badge.

Good luck everyone!
— fawn